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Anyone can sell you products. At SITECH NorCal & SITECH Oregon we consult with you to configure the proper system for your specific project, and provide extensive product and application training. We also provide 24-7 support as needed.

SITECH Norcal, Inc.
833 Montague Ave.
San Leandro, Ca, 94577
(510) 670-2800

4421 NE Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97218
(503) 280-1505

3870 Turner Road SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 280-1505

Name Title Cell Email Location
Johan Larsson General Manager 510-909-7694 Corporate
Tammy McPherson Marketing Coordinator 503-504-0436 Corporate
Randy Stuart Sales Heavy Civil/Construction 503-504-6609 Corporate
Eric Wavra Segment Manager: AG 541-499-1875 OR/WA
Rich Hilliker Segment Manager: Earthmoving 360-269-2015 OR/WA
Eric Arritola Sales Construction/Quarry & Aggregate 503-949-6152 OR/WA
Lane Ziebert Sales Ag Industry 503-505-0792 OR/WA
Jim Castellanos Sales Construction Laser & Supplies 510-909-7698 CA
Daniel DiSimone Field Technician 503-513-9930 CA
Tom King Sales Heavy Civil/Construction 510-292-6742 CA
Andrew Eigenhuis Field Technician 510-427-3558 CA
Cody Ciabattari Repair Service Technician 510-618-2522 CA
Diana Fukuda Laser Repair Technician 510-670-2800 CA
Tyler Uhlrig Field Technician Ag Industry 503-720-0617 CA
Marie Naas Administrative Assistant 510-670-2800 CA
Dewayne Crane Inventory California 510-670-2800 CA
David Deeter Lead Field Technician/Installer 503-707-2069 OR/WA
Darren Sheets Repair Service Technician 503-956-9317 OR/WA
Delton Searles Product Support/Software Specialist/Sales 971-271-0354 OR/WA
Mike Graves Field Technician 503-729-4681 OR/WA
Brian Hann Field Technician 503-583-0569 OR/WA
Preston Dunn Bench Service Technician 503-364-0602 OR/WA
Anthony Reid Customer Support 503-280-1557 OR/WA
Josh Hesse Field Technician Product Link 503-280-1505 OR/WA
Lorena Naveja Administrative Assistant 510-618-2524 CA
Levi Alvarez Field Technician Ag/Construction Industries 530-815-4090 CA
Joshua Decker Customer Support 510-427-3558 OR/WA
Chris Mata Machine Control Sales 510-919-0165 CA
Mike Stubb Field Service 503-314-4157 OR/WA


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