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Anyone can sell you products. At SITECH NorCal & SITECH Oregon we consult with you to configure the proper system for your specific project, and provide extensive product and application training. We also provide 24-7 support as needed.

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Trimble® SPS700 Construction Total Station

The Trimble® SPS700 Construction Total Station, a key component of the Trimble Site Positioning System, is the simple solution to all your site measurement and stakeout applications, delivering unmatched performance for construction jobsite applications.

Trimble® ATS Construction Total Station

The Trimble® ATS Construction Total Station is a robotic total station that can be used as a positioning sensor for grade control, site positioning, and marine survey and construction.

5605 Robotic Total Station w/Trimble LM80 Layout Manager

The Trimble® 5605 Robotic Total Station, used with the Trimble® LM80 Layout Manager, offers a rugged, feature-packed solution that lets contractors take control of their construction layout.

Trimble® LM80 Layout Manager

The Trimble® LM80 Layout Manager is pocket-sized,personal layout manager that lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your jobsite blueprint, regardless of the method and instrumentation you use

DTM 302 & DTM 502 Nikon Total Station

Celebrated for superior optics, mechanical integrity, battery life and measuring speed, the new line has an easy-to-read graphic LCD and ergonomic keyboard on both faces. Combine these features with the feature-packed on-board software and you’ve got a lineup of Total Stations that are unmatched for performance, ease of use and productivity.

NE-203 & NE-202 Nikon Digital Theodolite

The Nikon Electronic Theodolite NE-203/202 is the enhanced successor to model NE-10H/10LA/10L. Now is has added waterproof capability to stand up to the toughest field conditions. This model meets IEC529 Class 6 (IPX6) standards, which state that “water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

56-DGT10 CST 10-Second Theodolite

The 10 Second Theodolite by CST has many features you need. It has a state of the are glass encoder, 5-10 second switchable horizontal and vertical angle readout and 2 LCD panels with large, easy-to-read numbers. The water resistant, sealed construction make it durable in any environment.

AS-2 Nikon Automatic Level

This waterproof telescope offers endless horizontal drive for smooth precision pointing and angular measurement and can be attached to flat or spherical-head tripods, A pentaprism mirror permits the viewing of the circular bubble as an erect image. It also comes with optional high and low power eyepiece lenses in addition to diagonal eyepiece lenses for confined spaces.

4811-24 Seco Automatic Level

This autolevel by Seco features a sturdy metal body with a magnetic dampened compensator. The top plate is easily removed for adjustment and it fits 5/8 x 11 flat or domed tripods. This autolevel comes with a high quality aluminum carrying case.

54-200B Transit Level

For builders that require rough angle turning and fine tuning adjustments. This instrument has clamps and tangents that bring your instrument quickly on target. Fifteen minute horizontal circle and 1° vertical arc allow the builder to set rough angles. Units use 1/2 x 20 thread.



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